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Jeremy McKeel

Media Professional

Hi, I'm Jeremy McKeel, owner of McKeel Video Productions.

Media production is my passion, my career, and my hobby.

I studied television production in college, earning a B.S. in Radio/TV and a M.S. in Mass Communications from Murray State University. I've been involved in professional video production since 1995, having produced thousands of videos including: commercials, promotionals, documentaries, concerts, industrial videos, weddings, etc.

I have received numerous awards for excellence in video production and have directed and produced content that has been available in millions of households across the U.S.

McKeel Video Productions is the culmination of a passion for telling compelling stories with video and a desire to assist you in producing your project to the highest professional standards. Whatever your production need, please contact me for a quote.



Kentucky History Award

For "Nathan Stubblefield Speaks" documentary.

Aegis Award

For excellence in video production.


Communicator Award

For excellence in video production.

Videographers Award

For excellence in videography

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